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£85.00 / Coming Soon

SHARD - harsh noise / power electronics and glitch generator

Harsh noise and S&M floor show?

14HP - purely for generating chaos, violence and the abstract.

Six oscilators merged into a well masochism - Three fragments - three shards.
Choke - A fetish for punishment - stress relief for the all that is - it's just breath control.
CV control over all parameters - 3x shard / 3x fragment / choke - all with front panel response setting controls.

Intentionally psychotic, with a good degree of control. It thrives on modulation sources. Vactrol implementation benefits from attenuation where finesse is required, but is just as fascinating when under manual or simple high/low gate control.

Skiff friendly - approximately 26cm from panel to deepest component depth.

Check out the videos below:


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