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4 X ADSR - quad envelope generator array - manual eg control cluster



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4 X ADSR is a 16HP, 34.5mm deep quad envelope generator.

Current draw V+ 120MA / V- 40MA

The module consists of four attack, decay, sustain, release envelopes tied to individual gate/trig and a common 'all' gate/trig input. All envelopes can be triggered simultaneously via the all input. Good for use in situations where you might simply want an adsr section for your vca/vcf/modulator secions in a subtractive synthesis set up. If a plug is inserted into any of the individual inputs then the envelope is removed from the all chain and will operate independently of the all input. Patching all four individual inputs will allow them all to operate as single entities. Thre manual gating buttons are all independent of one another and will trigger only that envelope regardless of how it is patched.

It's laid out primarily as a companion to the shard module, with the main focus being on a lay out that's friendly as a manual control cluster in a skiff or suitcase set up, where you might want to 'play' the envelopes in a live set recording take scenario. By setting attack and release to zero and sustain to max you end up with that envelope being what is essentially a gate. This would be ideal for gating an audio output via a vca while the other envelopes deal with the oscillator behaviour and atrophy of the shard. Although created with manual control in mind, it serves equally well as a stock adsr cluster that can be patched as desired.

Scope measurments of envelopes:
Maximum attack time from zero to peak = 15 seconds
Maximum decay time from peak to zero = 24 seconds
Maximum release time from peak to zero = 20 seconds

Demo video will be up soon.

Ships with power cable
Tracked shipping and tracking number provided upon dispatch.