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Mid size retro casio keyboard fitted with low pass resonant filter with cutoff cv input. A digital delay, untethered to behave and respond to the abuse found in a circuit bent delay pedal. Ruiner - a sort of hybrid fuzz/ringmod blend that opens up new sounds and textures moulded from the standard casio tones.

Lacking the midi of similar models modified by me due to space limitations, but making up for that in the density and number of mods added and the pallete available to it therin. A power house of a hands on synth for fx, abstract film score and textures, power electronics and harsh noise.

The videos below show it used in a number of ways. A good slection showing how versatile it is in this new form.

Live jam with incoming cv to the filter from the eurorack.
This demo features a CB55 drum board from circuitbenders.co.uk:

Slowed down percussion with application of filter, ruiner and delay:

Power electrnics and harsh noise:

Laser cut panels with screen print legends and text.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Resonant low pass filter.
Ruiner - ringmod/distortion with dry wet blend
Fine and coarse pitch control.
3.5mm CV input to filter cutoff.
Snare mute.
Bass drum mute.
Hi hat mute.
Chord mute.
Bass mute.
Bass drum booster.
Key lead booster.
Hi hat noise.
Hi hat + chord noise.
Chord + bass distortion.
Bass distortion.
Original 1/4 inch output jack re routed to the fx chain.

Ships with suitable adapter with pin adapters for use in all regions.

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