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Due to the weight of this model the psu for the PT-50 will ship in a seperate package at the same time of dispatch of the keyboard. This is inclusive in the shipping and packaging cost and due to the fact that anything over 2kg exceeds a small parcel and incurs a huge shipping bill.

If shipping options aren't available for your country then send me a message and i'll update the postage in order for you to be able to make a purchase. Thanks....

Mid size retro casio keyboard fitted with midi input, a resonant filter with cv input, a highly abusable digital delay, ruiner tone control and a large number of circuit bends.

A true work of art in the realm of circuit bending. Due to older internal architecture and available space everything found on the PT-80 and almost all of the bent functionality of the PT-30 is included in this model. It can do what both the PT-30 and 80 can do and more. From quirky casiotone via midi automation to ambience and drones right through to hardcore power electronics and harsh noise.

The demo videos below give a few examples of what it can do. It's also worth checking out the PT-30 and 80 video uploads as this model can do everything shown in those too.

Midi control: Covering Knuckle busters in game music from the Commodore 64:

Improvised horror score ambience:

Drum manipulation and textures:

Laser cut panels with screen print text and graphics..
Analogue filter - cutoff - resonance - gain.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Ruiner - waveform manipulator/distortion/ringmod
Pitch control - fine/coarse
3.5mm CV input to filter cutoff.
MIDI retrofit on channel 15 giving full control of the keyboard via a DAW or other midi host.
Snare mute.
Kick mute.
Hat mute.
Chord/bass mute
Lead boost.
Chord/bass boost
Bass drum distortion
Snare boost
Damage bends x 3 - three choice abusive effects that effect the clean sounds and other circuit bends

As with all other items - ships with brand new psu with attachments for all regions.