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Mid size retro casio keyboard fitted with midi input, a resonant filter with cv input, a highly abusable digital delay and several circuit bends.

The videos below show the keyboard working with addition of midi along with the scope the machine now has to create strange sounds and noise. Particulalry harsh noise in the realm of power electronics and HNW.

4/4 trance midi sequenced:

Power electronics and harsh noise:

Midi sequencing and industrial:

Sludge and drums:

Laser cut panels with screen print text and graphics..
Analogue filter - cutoff - resonance - gain.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Pitch control.
3.5mm CV input to filter cutoff.
MIDI retrofit on channel 14 giving full control of the keyboard via a DAW or other midi host.
Snare mute.
Kick mute.
Hat mute.
Lead boost.
Drum overdrive.
Drum/lead distortion.
Coarse pitch.
Fine pitch.
1/4 inch audio output socket.

It's powered by a 12v tip positive adapter running 300MA or above. Supplied with the keyboard with several pin adapters for use in all regions.

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