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Digital percussion freed from it's original presets with a midi retrofit. Sounds can be assigned to the pads and the pads triggered via midi. Midi is set to ch16. A gate output is also fitted which can be triggered by midi also. One of the demo videos below shows this driving a sequential circuits pro one. The gate outputs at +5v and can be used for things like driving sequencers and triggering adsr envelopes. Since it's not fixed to a clock it can be triggered as desired by programming the pattern into a daw or hardware sequencer. The gate lengths and timing are all up to the user. The other videos show the machine in various settings where the glitched and abstract aspects it now wields are put to work.

As standard it now serves as the drum machine it was intended to be, except with the freedom of midi control. The pads are still usable and it can still be played with sticks. The preset patterns are also still intact and can be used to generate glitch patterns with the glitch matrix and fx chain. It's basic sound set is similar in many ways to the sound of an 80's TR-505 or comparable drum machine of that era. Beyond this it's now a box full of all sorts of ambience, random noise and data crash. The DD range of drum machines excell at bizzare glitching. Each model has a unique character to how it reacts to glitch matrix modification.

CNC machined anodized and engraved aluminium panel work.
Analogue filter - cutoff - resonance - high pass / low pass - gain.
Analogue distortion - level - filter - gain.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Pitch control.
4 x 4 rom glitch switch matrix
3.5mm gate output socket.
1/4 inch audio output socket

Ships with suitable adapter with pin adapters for use in all regions.

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