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DDX is a conversion of all three machines in the small four pad Yamaha DD range which takes them way beyond their original form. An intricate mix of midi/gate control and a set of select circuit bends which yields a fascinating and deep machine for the creation of glitch percussion and obscure fx and artefacts. Beyond this percussive nature the fx chain with bent configuration of delay can be used as a noise and texture generator.

DD6 - black pads - £280
DD7 - blue pads - £300
DD8 - green pads - £300

DD6 comprises of fewer sounds and a more limited 'rock' orientated sound set. No less impressive in what it can do than the 7 or 8 but with a different character. The DD7 and 8 are identical and contain a varied section of electronic drum and percussion hits, various fx and even barking dogs. To this end the DD6 is slightly cheaper then the 7 or 8. All three models are available when in stock for selection on checkout. Just to clearly state, the 7 and 8 are IDENTICAL in every way apart from pad colour.

Midi and gate inputs have been added to the machines. The pads can be triggered via midi or gate and the glitch array can be triggered via midi. Cv control is available to pitch and filter cutoff. The prefered configuration and method used in the demo videos below is a midi hook up where the machine is slaved to the DAW and a yarns midi to CV interface in the eurorack is used to apply cv control.

The in built FX chain consists of a resonant low pass filter, a digital delay which is configured to behave as a circuit bent delay pedal might - that is that the feedback is untethered and filtering has been opened up for texture generation and the rate range is also huge and can be driven down into agressive noise and violence. Finally there's the 'ruiner' section which is a weird hybrid of distortion and ringmod. This has a radical effect on the sound when the gate is open as can be heard at the start of the (NIN fragile) inspired demo vid below. When the ruiner gate is closed it serves as a tight crunchy distortion.

Check out the demo videos below to hear all three machines in various sessions.

DD6 - Glitch percussion in deep drone and melodic set

DD6 - Glitch percussion in dark to driven 303 set

DD7 - IDM tinted glitch and clean in a dark and then driven melodic set

DD8 - Glitch percussion in escalating melancholy (heavy NIN - the fragile influence)


Extreme pitch control: Coarse and fine
MIDI retrofit: Access to pad triggering and gating of the glitch array
2X8 glitch array: Selected rom circuit bends to yield controlable disruption
Low pass resonant filter: Input gain, resonance and cutoff
CV inputs: CV control over pitch and filter cutoff
Digital delay: Tailored to behave as a bent pedal might. Rate, noise, feedback.
Ruiner: Distortion/ringmod hybrid with dry wet, level, gate and pitch.

True works of art in the realm of circuit bent instruments and in their capacity to generate original and obscure material.

Ships with universal power supply for use in all regions and comes via tracked shipping.

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