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MANIPULATOR - manual control cluster - eurorack module


Manipulator is a 22hp manual control module.

Current draw:
V+ = 80ma / V- = 50ma

It consists of two joysticks and twelve momentary push button gates.
Fourteen if you include the gates tied to the joysticks.

Joysticks output voltage across x and y axes and can be calibrated to be bipolar or monopolar and the range of the voltage output can be set as required. A gait is tied to each joystick, which is activated by pressing the stick down.

The joysticks can be individually adjusted on the rear of the module to be self centering or to latch in place when released.

Gate array ouputs gate high on key press and gate low on release.

Scope for a latching gate expander has been added to the module which will likely appear on a later date.

A versatile control module with a lot of uses. Proven to be a great asset in an experimental noise rig where it brings out the best of the obscure and already quite wild modules contained within.

Ships with power cable. Tracking info dispatched on shipping.

Check out the vids below for an idea of what it does.

The first is a short specification demo where it's being used in a radio set up.
The second is a 22 minute power electronics jam in my noise rig.

Specification demo: 22 minute power electronix jam with suitcase: