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MIDI TO GATE GENERATOR - eurorack module

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MIDI to gate is a 4HP, 40mm deep 11 output midi controlled gate generator.

Midi is received over channel 10 over the notes C3 to A#3. Any note on activity will set a gate high for as long as the note is held. Releasing the note will set the gate low.

The uses for this module are countless. And with a low 4hp count it makes an excellent companion to any midi interface, especially if it's equipped with a midi thru which will allow you to use a short din cable to convenienty pair up the two, and provide a compliment of eleven additional gates for triggering, gating and sequencing duties.

Clocks for sequencers and tap tempo capable devices can be generated via alternating note on/off activity in your daw sequencer lanes or external midi hardware. Allowing you to generate bizarre time signatures for individual elements along side 4/4 grounding and so on.

Teams up well with shard and wreckage for mass gating and ultra chaos of cv and shard/frag gate inputs.

3 minute demo video below with a diy nux timecore total conversion being clocked at the tap tempo and several percussive modules being sequenced. A CB55 from circuitbenders.co.uk, two peaks and an elements. A simple run just to show how much and what sorts of things this module does. A daw (reason 7) is tunning out of shot providing all bass and melody and of course the midi tracks for the drum sequencing and clock gate for the nux.