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Pocket keyboard retrofitted with a dual band resonant filter with cv input, a delay which is open to lots of abuse and a wide sweep pitch modification.

The demo video here has a selection of cuts showing a little bit of what it can do in each scene. CV from a sequential circuits pro1 modulating the filter cutoff, squelchy aphex style analogue percussion and the final scene focuses on the harsher and more abstract side of it, with the delay being over driven into noise wall and power electronics territory. A teenage op1 is used in the first section which is loaded up with samples taken from the PT-10 to drive a lo-fi nine inch nails cover.

CNC machined anodized and engraved aluminium panel work.
Analogue filter - cutoff - resonance - high pass / low pass - gain.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Pitch control.
3.5mm CV input to filter cutoff.
1/4 inch audio output socket

Comes with a suitable adapter with numerous fittings which can be used all over the world. This is included in the price.

Tracked shipping is provided and a tracking number will be emailed to you upon dispatch.