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NIHIL - CB microphone input - eurorack module

£65.00 / On Sale

If shipping options for your region aren't available on check out drop me a message and i'll add them to the shipping set up for you :)

Available in yellow or black. Ships with compatible microphone.

4HP 24mm deep CB mic input for those looking for an easy way to get those cool lofi CB trigger mics set up in the rig without having to butcher cables. It provides a powerful amplifier for the mic, bringing it up to modular levels for a surprisingly clean and well defined output. The mic trigger is fully functional which is useful in dense and harsh work where mic feedback can be a nuisance when not actually required. Although born in the realm of power electronics for my own liking of PE performance it's usable for just about anything involving vocals and a eurorack rig. In short it's not JUST a power electronics tool. It's not perma distorted and can be used for clean work as well as psycho time violence. What you create as the sum of these parts is entirely open to you. It's just a convenient way to get a CB microphone hooked up for spontaneous and fun mic action.

Built for compatibility with and tested with the popular COBRA - UNIDEN 4 pin wiring format using a passive microphone. If you choose to get another mic for it then check your chosen CB mic wiring set up online before commiting to one to make sure it adheres to this standard. An active mic was also used in testing which yielded higher and earlier distortion in the gain curve. But for versatility and low noise floor i recommend using a passive one.

Power draw is: 5mA +12v / 1mA -12v

Tracking will be provided on dispatch.
Dispatch of orders is generally on the Saturday of every week.
Ships with power cable and microphone.

The two videos below demo it in two totally different settings. The first being spoken word through a warps module running the vocoder algorithm. This details a good clean output from the mic and effective line out into the warps for the vocoded voice required to cover the chosen track. The second video is an all out harsh noise and power electronics set with the mic being fed into a modified nux timecore delay pedal for looping of the vocals in the hellscape being generated.

Through vocoder mode on warps - underworld cover:

Harsh noise and power electronix set: