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PERSUADATRON - FM radio eurorack module

£85.00 / On Sale


If shipping options aren't available for your country then send me a message and i'll update the postage in order for you to be able to make a purchase. Thanks....

PERSUADATRON is a 12HP, 23mm deep FM radio with digital control interface.
Current draw: V+ 60MA / V- 0MA

It can be controlled via gate or manually. It can be set to scan its' frequency range and find all stations available to it at the time or you can tune it manually. It has a mute control, volume +/- and tuning +/-.

It uses a standard eurorack cable as the antenna. As with any radio, location and antenna dictate reception quality so using as long as possible a cable and mounting it in an elevated position tends to yield the best results.

It's a great way to get an unlimited supply of material into the rack for manipualtion. It's also a wonderful way to indulge in a bit of catharsis after enduring a day at work having to listen to the worst advertising platforms justified by the lowest common denominator pumping out their garbage 24 hours a day.

The video below is a brief spec run down and a prime example of how good even utter garbage on a radio can be when mutilated and warped into something much bigger than the sum of its parts :)

Specification run through:

Ships with power cable
Tracked shipping and tracking number provided upon dispatch.