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SHARD - POWER ELECTRONICS / HNW - desktop synthesizer



If shipping options aren't available for your country then send me a message and i'll update the postage in order for you to be able to make a purchase. Thanks....

Noise, drone and artefact generator. Available in yellow or black. Identical to the eurorack version but with the advantage of more immediacy through more hands on control.

It's capable of generating a huge range of sounds. Drone, data crash glitching, atmospheric deprivation and all manner of unpleasant or quirky sounds. It has a lot of cv/gate control available for automation of oscillator behaviour and also houses a touch interface for disruption of the oscillators. On top of this it also has an audio input which can be used to devastating effect on incoming audio as well as another means of oscillator disruption. It demands that you mess with it. It thrives on it.

Paired up with fx in the chain it can generate some impressive textures. A resonant filter, distortion and delay pedal capable of infinite repeats in line generate some fantastic dark power electronics and atmospheres. If you're familiar with navicon torture technologies or theologian then you'll have a good idea of what to expect there. It's also great for creating incidentals and obscure sounds that you might use as samples or as a layer in film score.

Check out the videos below for an idea of what it does :)
The first video is a spec run down which will give you a good idea of some of what to expect.

Specification run through: Outside with wireless guitar system and orange battery amp: 20 minute power electronix session with underwurlde: 20 minute power electronix session with nux time core delay pedal:

Runs on the 12v centre positive adapter supplied with it or a 9v battery for portability and freedom in live performance. Especially if used with a wireless guitar hook up.

Ships with power adapter and one of every sticker in stock at time of purchase.
Tracked shipping and tracking number provided upon dispatch.