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Small keyboard retrofitted with a dual band resonant filter with cv input, a delay which is open to lots of abuse, a drone distortion raw bend which serves as both a second oscillator and a means do overdrive, distort and destroy the sounds of the keyboard, drum boost, lofo keys, this knocks the edge off of the keyboard sounds and brings them down to the drum channel level. Handy if you want to play the keys without drowning out the percussion. And finally a wide sweep pitch modification.

Note that the PT87 and PT82 are identical apart from the colour schemes.

The demo videos below show several aspect of it in use. The first with it being used as the lead in a lofi jam of NIN - me i'm not. This features the cv input to the filter being driven by a sequential circuits pro one. Video two and three are short demonstrations of the percussion being abused and a clip of the drone distortion to show exactly what it does. The final video is a harsh running improv set of noise. It's quite long and at times extremely harsh but it shows in detail how the delay can be abused to add a glitch and noise aspect to these keyboards which otherwise have a low capacity for data crash and glitch.

CNC machined anodized and engraved aluminium panel work.
Analogue filter - cutoff - resonance - high pass / low pass - gain.
Digital delay - rate - cutoff - noise.
Lofi keys.
Drum boost.
Drone distortion.
Pitch control.
3.5mm CV input to filter cutoff.
1/4 inch audio output socket

Comes with a suitable adapter with numerous fittings which can be used all over the world. This is included in the price.

Tracked shipping is provided and a tracking number will be emailed to you upon dispatch.

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