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Vevoyah is a cmos based single oscillator synthesizer loosely based on the primitive architecture of the atari punk console and derived from the inspiration found in the genres of power electronics and harsh noise. Essentially the aspects of a self contained noise box, taken and added to in a theme of filtering and delay feedback. Trading some of the violence for finess but the vevoyah can hold the line when it needs to if you want to hit the walls. it also has midi control over the keyboard and a cv input for filter cutoff modulation.

Built for purpose, this isn't a competitor to a conventional synthesizer. It's primary design is in the creation of textures and walls. It has midi control and is playable which opens up further horizons such as being usable as a lofi chip tune style synth. It also has an external input with a hot preamp. Primarily designed to take contact mics, junk guitars etc it also boosts line level signals into a lush distortion. Extrememly effective on drums and low frequencies, the external in can be layered in with the internal oscillators, further increasing the scope for the bizarre.

The demo videos below show a number of things it can do. The first being a power electronics/harsh noise set running through about 20 minutes.
The second demonstrates the effect of the external input on line level gear. In this case an elektron analog4.
The third is a cover version of the NIN track - my violent heart. This shows the midi being used.

The unit ships with an adaptor and attachments for use in any region of the world.

1x oscillator + 1x step oscillator (APC mode - also capable of generating PWM)
Digital delay set up to behave as a modified guitar pedal would
Resonant low pass filter
External input with preamp
12 note keyboard with each note tunable as desired
Master pitch control
Midi control over keyboard
Filter cutoff CV in
Powered by 12v DC centre positive (supplied)

Power electronics and harsh noise: Analog4 on external input: NIN cover - my violent heart: Basic Totorial - power electronics and harsh noise: